Monocle by Native Union is Made for Modern Dandies

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: nativeunion & yankodesign
Monocle by Native Union, a design studio based in San Francisco, California, is a single speaker modelled after the antiquated eyeglass of the same name. Made for modern dandies, it produces quality sound rather than enhancing poor sight. Considering the advancements in that department, that's a relief. What makes this audio device so special is its versatility.

Whether hung on a backpack, around the neck or laid flat on the ground, Monocle by Native Union is easily adaptable and portable. As written on the website, it is "more than a speaker; more than a handset; more than a speakerphone." Available in a variety of colors and finishes, it can daisy-chain up to 10 Monocles for the ultimate audio experience. This sleek smartphone companion could make a great last minute stocking stuffer.