The iN:cline Portable Speaker Sharply Adapts to Your Musical Preferences

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: jungdongsung
While designing the iN:cline Portable Speaker, Dongsung Jung opted to come up with something aesthetically exciting rather than basic and accommodating. Now even though it has a wacky shape about it, this sound system is no less practical to use in a wide range of scenarios.

The main body of the device is small and rectangular in shape, and likely no thicker than a couple of centimeters. One corner has been beveled off of it, enabling it to be turned and balanced on an angle. The gadget can be placed easily upon four sides for very different orientations.

A ring projects from the iN:cline Portable Speaker at one end, acting like a brace for the pivoting amplifier. It can be turned in any direction too, and synced to your smartphone flexibly by means of Bluetooth technology.