The SoundBarrel Exercises the Acoustic Properties of String Instruments

 - Mar 11, 2015
References: saejoungkou & yankodesign
Contrary to the futuristic direction that many electronics manufacturers are taking, the makers of this lens speaker have opted to produce a style that's much more organic. Looking to time-honored string instruments for inspiration, SaeJoung Kou crafted the SoundBarrel from timber, giving it a natural capacity to deliver great acoustics––despite its compact size.

But modern portable speakers and classical guitars weren't the only objects to influence the SoundBarrel's design. This looks like a lens speaker, dreamed up based on the mechanics of a camera lens' aperture. A group of flat wood fins come together and rotate away from each other to form small to large openings though which sound waves can escape. The result is a tactile and analog device with great functionality and a wonderful look that encourages engaging interaction.