EasyTek Turns Listening Assistance Devices into Quality Wireless Earbuds

 - Jan 10, 2015
References: siemens & theverge
Can you speak up? This is a question you wouldn't have to ask if you were equipped with this hearing aid amplifier. Siemens has been developing some innovative assistive devices for the hard of hearing, and easyTek is a wonderful piece of complementary equipment to help you get the most out of your environment.

Worn around your neck, the little puck-shaped gadget sends and receives signals wirelessly to your earpiece. With the easyTek app, the user is afforded the ability to access his or her music, to watch videos, and to have better control over the volume. One of the neatest features that could be tested at CES 2015 was a means to focus and amplify sound. This enables the mildly deaf to more easily converse amidst noisy surroundings.