'EarDials' Have an App that Tells Users When to Plug Them In

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: kickstarter & mashable
Anyone who goes to concerts frequently knows that the volume can wreak havoc on one's hearing, and the EarDial earplugs are making it easier for live music-lovers to know when to cut it down. The EarDial system comes with both earplugs and an app, allowing consumers to make informed decisions when they head out to shows.

The majority of ear bud-style earplugs don't block out 100 percent of the noise in a given environment. Rather, they act as a filter to block some of the sound. But while, in a concert setting, this could ruin the fidelity of the music, the EarDials are specifically designed to only block harmful frequencies, leaving what consumers hear as clear as ever.

The EarDial app is essentially a sound monitor that measures the ambient noise around it. It then gives that info to users and suggests whether it's necessary to don their EarDials.