The Wear Microphone Necklace Makes Conversations Easier for the Deaf

 - Dec 31, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Wear Microphone Necklace is designed to make it easier for those who are hard of hearing to carry on a conversation. The necklace is actually a directional microphone that filters out unwanted sound to ensure that you only hear what the person you’re talking to is saying. Wear is equipped with 10 tiny directional microphones that form a 6-foot zone around the wearer. The sounds in this zone are amplified while sounds outside of the zone are filtered out.

The Wear Microphone Necklace works with any pair of normal headphones, so you don’t need to purchase any extra equipment to use it. Its inventors, Eric Rosenthall and Michelle Temple, stress that it isn’t a replacement for a hearing aid but rather a device to assist those who are hard of hearing. Rosenthall and Temple are seeking $30,000 of funding on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $165 is currently needed to secure a Wear.