The 'SurfEars' Ear Plugs Prevent Problems without Restricting Hearing

 - Oct 21, 2016
References: surfears & blessthisstuff
Those who are avid aquatic sport enthusiasts often wear ear plugs that help to prevent problems but that will restrict hearing, so the 'SurfEars' are here to aid this. Designed with an ergonomic aesthetic that enables them to be placed in the ear with ease, 'SurfEars' won't inhibit your hearing capabilities. This means they can be worn safely without having to worry about not hearing something a friend said or other ambient sounds.

The 'SurfEars' ear plugs can be used with or without an accompanying leash to ensure they don't get lost if one comes out. Truly, the best part of the 'SurfEars' is that they enable surfers and other aquatic sports enthusiasts to protect their ears without inhibiting their ability to enjoy the sound of the waves.