The Intel Ultra Store is an Immersive Retail Experience in Beijing

 - Jun 16, 2015
This immersive Intel Ultra Store in Beijing is an immersive retail experience dedicated to the launch of the Intel Ultrabook. Appearing more like a showroom than a retail boutique, the colorful shop was designed by Junichi Eto of Gramco and features fixtures that evoke a response in the shopper due to texture and shade.

Given there are no shortage of options in terms of online shopping for tech purchases, an immersive retail environment that is heavily branded is sure to provide an alternative experience rich enough for consumers to be motivated to leave their homes for it. Also appealing to children, the shop's bright lighting and vibrant colors go a long way in regards to attracting potential customers with an eye-catching display. Similar to the Apple Store experience, the Intel Ultra Store in Beijing also provides face-to-face interactions for a customized shopping experience.