Donna Stevens Captures Captivated Children Watching Television

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: & hypebeast
The vacant stares captured in Donna Stevens' latest photo series is pretty disheartening. The photographer focuses on documenting what children look like as they watch television and her images confirm people's suspicions that it's not a pastime they want to indulge. Although some programs can be educational, Donna Stevens shows that overall the stimulation is not as great as those found out in the real world.

Donna Stevens dubbed her photo series 'Idiot Box.' Hypebeast perfectly sums up the look in each child's face, "pupils dilated and faces pale in the otherworldly glow of an off-screen TV, isolated against a black background reflecting their complete withdrawal from the world." Donna Stevens provides a power message about the role technology is playing in children's lives and leaves it to parents to make better decisions.