This Shopping Cart is Designed for Special Needs Children

 - Feb 16, 2016
References: carolinescart & fortune
In an effort to make shopping more accessible for parents of special needs children, Target is rolling out a line of needs-friendly shopping carts. For parents or caregivers who attend to those with special needs, basic tasks such as shopping can be extremely difficult. This unique cart helps to overcome some of those challenges by making it easier for consumers to shop with special needs children.

The needs-friendly shopping carts are called Caroline’s Carts and they are designed to transport children with special needs through a store easily and comfortably. The carts consist of the traditional red baskets found at Target, with a harness-equipped seat in the front. This seat is designed so that parents or caregivers can easily transfer a wheelchair bound child to the cart. As a result, parents can navigate around the store without dealing with the impossible task of maneuvering both a wheelchair and shopping cart at the same time.

The new carts not only help families of children with disabilities, but they also represent a major step forward in making stores more accessible.