'Turbo' the Chihuahua Uses a Special Wheelchair Crafted From Toys

 - Jul 25, 2014
References: downtownpetvet & today
Turbo the Chihuahua is an incredibly adorable two-legged dog whose owners brought him into the Downtown Veterinarian clinic in Indianopolis, Indiana, after every other veterinarian they visited said they couldn't help their puppy.

Unfortunately, Turbo is far too young to use regular dog mobility carts. Workers at the clinic eventually decided to build a tiny wheelchair from a helicopter toy taken from the clinic's child play area. The clinic's workers used the helicopter toy's base and wheels, before finishing off the doggy wheelchair using a children's welding kit.

Turbo the Chihuahua's helicopter toy cart is temporary however, as the Downtown Veterinarian clinic's staff have enlisted the help of a local towing company to put together a new practice cart, until the pooch is old enough for a permanent doggy wheelchair.

This ingenious doggy wheelchair is a great example of how seemingly mundane objects -- in this case, toys -- can be re-used and utilized in creative ways.