The Risa Staircase Fans Out into a Visual Spectacle

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: & mymodernmet
Norwegian architect Tron Meyer has designed 'the Risa,' a beautiful spiral staircase fashioned from locally-sourced wood.

The laminated wood is an inventive choice of material for this type of design, which is more often seen in steel or concrete. The graceful silhouette is further softened by the unconventional material, creating an overall delicate, polished structure.

The staircase is constructed so that it fans out, each succeeding step taking up a little more space than the last, almost as if it is gradually unfurling. In order to be as meticulous as possible, each step was cut with computer-operated machinery. The steps, which are three components made to form a single segment, also feature a hollow shape. The concave quality functions both aesthetically and practically; it looks visually appealing, but also makes the staircase safer to tread.