Object Eleve by Mieke Meijer Combines Multiple Functionalities in One

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: miekemeijer.nl & mymodernmet
Changing the way people think about staircases, Object Eleve by Mieke Meijer combines the functionalities of a desk, drawers and shelves all in one, while also allowing people to move in between floors.

The design is set up so that the desk section of the design is to the left when one walks up the stairs. Certain sections are designated for storage for items such as books and shoes, while others are kept strictly for walking up and down. As long as one isn't clumsy and always looks where their feet are going, Object Eleve surprisingly works quite well.

Perfect for smaller houses with not a whole lot of storage space, Mieke Meijer cleverly combines several much-needed devices into one. Who knew staircases could double as a desk AND a piece of storage?