This Home by Peter Cohen is the Ultimate Playground for Cats

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: trilliumonline & houzz
A man hailing from Santa Barbara, California, has turned his house into the ultimate playground for cats. Peter Cohen's home includes intricate designs like a winding staircase and shelves attached to the walls of his home.

Cohen, who is by profession an architect, started his Endearing Feline Homes project after rescuing abandoned cats and giving them shelter.

According to the home interior design website, Houzz, Cohen's initiative has cost him nearly $40,000. The home also includes a home office for Cohen. To make it even friendlier, Cohen has constructed a tight rope for cats to amuse themselves with.

Speaking about his sheltering initiative, Endearing Feline Homes, Cohen commented, "I thought maybe the cats would just look at [the tightrope], but they use it all. It’s like a freeway sometimes with them all over the place."