These Hand Portraits Feature a Pair of Hands Conducting Daily Activities

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: instagram & boredpanda
This Indonesia artist called Ponypork created intricate hand portraits of his own hands conducting daily tasks and random tasks as well. This artist shows his hands creating art and craft-styled activities or just simply playing a musical instrument. In some images, Ponypork's hands are folding laundry or even dicing up a fish. The fresh preservative allows the audience to see daily tasks in a completely new way.

Each image is taken from a bird's-eye view looking down onto the hands and whatever act they are conducting. The images often create a beautiful display of patterns that feature objects such as cans of paint, lines of chalk or brightly colored dots that range in size.

Ponypork displays his hand portraits through social media outlets and specifically an Instagram account called '#whatmyhandsdoing' where all of the images can be viewed.