This Design Fuses Office Furniture and Workout Equipment

 - Jul 5, 2015
References: facebook & psfk
These workout desks were created by Italian designer Joe Sardo who collaborated with Federico Bruni. These fully functioning pieces of office furniture incorporate exercise into daily routines without having to leave the office or wake up early.

These desks incorporate two different versions of a treadmill but both use a unique wood and steel material to avoid the typical gym-equipment look. It works exactly as a treadmill but features a large desktop and office chair. The third desk design incorporates a stationary bike. The use of wood and metal materials make each office set versatile enough to workout with as well as maintain a professional office look.

The main goal for these workout desks is to increase productivity among office employees who work routine daily jobs. Spending all day seated at a desk can lead to restless employees, but these machines are the perfect solution.