The Arctic Circle Houses the World's Largest Public Sauna

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: telegraph & luxurylaunches
The Arctic Circle is home to many animals that tolerate the cold, as well as the world's largest public sauna. Though the region is known for its frigid temperatures, this sauna brings the heat in a very big way.

Titled the 'Agora,' this public sauna is located on the Norwegian island of Sandhornøya and can accommodate 150 people. The exterior of the public sauna features a modern pyramid shape made out of timber. Inside, four burning stoves provide heat while the floor-to-ceiling windows offer an amazing view that overlooks vistas like the white sand shoreline and Arctic Sea.

Though the Agora is a public sauna, it also serves as an amphitheater that has a bar with a 100-person capacity.