Jacqueline Poirier Uses Dinner Plates as a Canvas for Ultra-Realistic Artwork

 - Jun 29, 2015
References: instagram & boredpanda
Canadian artist Jacqueline Poirier uses dinner plates as a canvas for her charming and whimsical artwork. Poirier posts her creations to Instagram under the name 'Crazy Plate Lady' and has steadily gained a loyal following.

Poirier is currently working as the Resident Artist of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Using hotel dinner plates as a canvas, she creates ultra-realistic paintings of food and other objects. These plates are then used in the hotel's restaurant, TOCA. Over the course of her career, Poirier estimates that she has painted over 1,500 plates. While food is one of her favorite subjects, she has also painted subjects such as the Chicago Bean, Mario Batali and Bette Midler.

While plates may seem like an usual canvas choice, Poirier explains that she enjoys painting on dinner plates because it allows her art to be both functional and creative.