Creates Eco-Friendly Packaging that Doubles as Playthings

 - Mar 27, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
Give a baby a plastic bottle or a child a cardboard box, and they can be entertained for hours; so it's surprising that someone hasn't created a line of packaging toys before this. Born out of Amplify challenges, these packaging toys are exactly how they sound: toys made out of packaging. Educational and eco-friendly, they were created with underprivileged children in mind.

The packaging toys come in a few different forms. For instance, Bottle Stack turns short bottles in blocks that come together to learn numbers or spell words. Although many of the designs don't allow for companies to push their own brands, Maurizio Bricola, a Netherlands-based designer, says, "If they feel like they already have strong brand recognition, they may feel like this can make them stand out even more."