This Vertical Gardening System is Automated with Electronics

 - Feb 28, 2015
References: bltrobotics & treehugger
The Robotic Urban Farm System by BLT Robotics is a vertical gardening system that can be assembled from products purchased from a hardware store. As well as being ideal for its space-saving shape, care for the hydroponic system is automated through Arduino controllers and Raspberry Pi.

Made from PVC pipe and gutter parts, the system has slots for about 160 plants and covers an area of 25 square feet. While these parts may be easily assembled, the more complex components of the system come in with programming. The computerized parts of this system are able to monitor lighting, heating, pH levels and temperature, assuring that the conditions for growing plants are always optimal. For monitoring, the system can be controlled from a smartphone, which is even more appealing to those living in urban areas.