This Design System Has Buildings Intertwined with Trees and Plants

 - Oct 25, 2015
References: & archdaily
'Baubotanik' is an innovative design concept that created a living building. When translated, Baubotanik means 'living plant constructions' and is inspired by the ancient art of tree making.

The idea behind Baubotanik is the notion that we must coexist with trees as they provide humans with so many things including food, shelter and medicine. However, when shaped in particular ways, trees can be used in innovative ways. The team behind the building worked tirelessly on pruning, grafting, bending and weaving trees around metal poles. Through human intervention, they were able to create a system that can not only produce more trees, but a method that will allow them to grow on their own. This interesting combination of nature and technology offers a living building that can grow and expand to serve multiple purposes.