- Nov 16, 2016
As consumers put more of a premium on mental health and mindfulness, meditative spaces are being created to encourage the public to engage in quiet introspection and healing. Some of these spaces include dedicated studios that offer classes and long-term programs with specific outcomes in mind. Examples include MNDFL, Inscape, Unplug Studio and Moment Meditation, which are appearing across major cities like New York City and Vancouver.

Realizing that many consumers now see the benefits of partaking in regular meditation practice as a mental practice rather than an act of spiritual devotion, museums and retails shops are even setting aside serene spaces specifically for meditation. Similarly, several co-working spaces are also touting meditative spaces as part of their offerings, which appeals to professionals who see the maintenance of health as an integral part of their work-life balance.

From Tranquil Meditation Pavilions to Boutique Mindfulness Studios: