This Private Space is Designed for In-Office Meditation

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: bigspaceship & psfk
A recent 'Hack Day' event held by 'Big Spaceship' introduced the idea of customizable in-office meditation spaces. Research has shown that daily meditation can make people more resilient to stress. Considering stress is a primary concern for millions of employees around the world, the idea of in-office meditation seems fitting.

During the Hack Day event, 'Team Chill' submitted a proposal for a customizable wellness space. Instead of simply providing an empty room for employees to meditate, the space would be customizable. The idea is that employees would be able to alter their environment based on sound, smell, color and more. These features would be accessible via an accompanying app that each employee would have access to. In turn, the customizable wellness space would make it easier for each employee to relax and meditate in their own way.

Although the notion of a customizable meditation space is only a concept, the idea raises questions about how companies can manage stress in the workplace.