This Stunning Meditation Center for Students was Built at Stanford

 - May 26, 2016
References: aidlindarlingdesign & dezeen
Aidlin Darling Design was behind the creation of Stanford University's luxurious new meditation center that sits where there was once a parking lot.

Considering Stanford's incredibly competitive nature, the implementation of a space for students and staff to get away and truly relax is a welcome feature. The 'Windhover' is located in the middle of the campus beside large oak trees which add to its captivating appearance. The surrounding trees work well with the meditation center as students are encouraged to find relaxation by connecting with nature -- getting away from their everyday stresses. Aidlin Darling Design carried this idea through with the structure of the building itself as well, crafting its walls from soil and including cedar and bamboo throughout.

Although the building was built primarily for those on campus, the large meditation center will be open to the larger public as well.