These Photographs of Churches are Carefully Collaged Together

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: yossimilo & hyperallergic
This collection titled 'Facades' by Markus Brunetti showcases beautiful photographs of churches that capture all of the details of each structure. Often times, photographing churches is difficult because of the abundance of tourists, but Brunetti intricately edits his pictures and stitches them back together to form these stunning church portraits.

Brunetti's photographs of churches are digital collages rather than single shots, however each of them creates the perception of one unified picture. It has taken Brunetti eight years to accomplish this collection. Each piece is printed, some up to ten feet in size, so visitors can admire the immense detail and architectural qualities of each photo. Brunetti also captures each picture from the same point of view, attempting to frame the entire building and resulting in an encyclopedic collection of images.