The 'Flower House' Exhibit Features a Vacant House Filled with Plants

'Flower House' is an exhibit by artist Lisa Waud that combines two seemingly contrasting ideas: abandoned homes and fresh blossoming plants. The installation sees the vacant Detroit house overflowing with lush flowers and aromatic plants as a celebration of nature.

In many instances, flowers and plants were used to replace traditional furniture pieces, like chandeliers and bed frames. All of the Flower House's windows have sprawling plants, vines, seasonal fruits and regional plants blossoming.

A staggering 37 florists collaborated on the project and kept aromatics as their top priority. Rather than smelling of deteriorating mold, the house is infused with sweet-smelling herbs and flowers. In an ingenious marketing ploy, the house will soon be demolished and Waud's floral decoration business 'Pot and Box' will be built on the same property.