This Modern Cottage Follows the Slope of the Landscape It Rests Upon

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: boom-town & design-milk
The 'CEDRUS Residence' is a modern cottage that follows the shape of the sloping landscape. When building a residence in a wooded area, it can be difficult to account for uneven terrain. This cottage uses the sloping lakeside landscape as the inspiration for its overall design.

The CEDRUS Residence is located in Harrington, Quebec, and it was designed by the firm 'BOOM TOWN.' The modern cottage follows the shape of the sloping landscape, which helps it blend into the surrounding environment. The exterior is covered in stone and ceder, which further minimizes the visual impact of the chalet. From the inside guests can peer through enormous windows that provide stunning views of the lake.

The unique residence demonstrates how architects can incorporate an unusual landscape into the design of the building itself.