This Photo Series Documents the Beauty of Old Castles

 - Oct 19, 2015
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Dutch photographer Martino Zegwaard recently published a series of photos that document the beauty of old castles. While many of the world's castles have been sectioned off as tourist destinations, there are still a few that remain hidden from the public eye. This series captures the beauty of castles that have been frozen in time.

Zegwaard's series consists of beautiful images of old castles. Instead of showcasing crumbling bricks and collapsing ceilings, Zegwaard's photos reveal the beauty of castles that have been left almost entirely intact. Each photos reveals opulent rooms and beautiful mosaics kept in their original state. Even the exterior of the castles remain as grand and imposing as they were in their original state.

The series reveals that there are a few places left where viewers can catch a glimpse of untouched castle architecture.