This Communal Furniture Was Designed for Employees Using Laptops

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: dwell & designtaxi
This set of open-plan office furniture by Portland-based design studio Good Mod was specially built for a modern and communal work space.

The studio was commissioned by Airbnb to create furniture that reflected the brand's open-office environment where employees working on laptops don't have a dedicated desk space. The studio came up with a series of boxy chairs and love seats made from sheets of Russian birch wood.

Each individual chair weighs in at 50 pounds, which makes it moveable around the office, but also sturdy enough not to move around if an employee decides to kick up their feet. Each seat also comes with a removable wool-upholstered foam cushion and brass hardware on the side to connect the wooden pieces together and add a subtle level of decoration.