Toboggan's Versatile Desk Can Also Act as a Chair, Table or Bench

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: betterlivingthroughdesign
This versatile desk is great for the office and any shared space, providing multiple functions to both sit and write on. The 'Toboggan Pull Up Table' can be used as a chair or its wider cousin serves as a multi-person bench. If you have a preferred chair that is perhaps better suited, the furniture piece can be pulled up as a table or desk to write, type or read at.

With plastic legs that can be slid easily along carpet, wood or concrete, the versatile desk has a simple surface with space underneath for legs to fit comfortably. Being able to pull it close into you allows users to sit with proper posture, with legs and arms at 90 degrees, preventing any bending or stretching forward.