This Unique Shelving Unit is Made from Simple Pieces of Bent Wood

The 'L-Shelf' is a unit consisting of angled shelves that are made from bent birch or walnut. Its appearance may suggest that it requires a difficult construction when in fact, it is quite easy to put together. The re-configurable shelving unit is made up of individual L-shaped pieces that simply slot together without the use of tools or a screw.

Its modular nature leaves creativity up to the user who is able to determine the shape and size of the shelf they need. Also, the modularity of the L-Shelf allows a user to create a shelving unit based on their needs, allowing them to either add or remove pieces as desired. The angled shelves also offer an interesting aesthetic by creating the illusion that mimics leaning or falling. The L-Shelf is the perfect space-saving solution for compact urban apartments or small homes.