The Elevate Desktops Let You Work Comfortably and Collaboratively

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: inmovement & gizmag
The Elevate range of sit-to-stand desktops, developed by InMovement, is designed to make you rethink the boundaries and functionality of sit-to-stand desktops. While such desktops ordinarily feature a very wide base with a hinged upper platform that can be raised or lowered depending on the user's preference, the Elevate range takes a different approach by replacing the wide base with just a single column or arm.

The basic model in the Elevate range of sit-to-stand offerings is the DT1, designed for use with a single laptop. It has a single arm and a top platform measuring 61 x 35 cm that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for easy collaborative work. The Elevate DT4 meanwhile comes in single and dual monitor versions, has a bigger surface and can hold more weight.

Sit-to-stand desktops are set to take over the modern workspace, and Elevate is leading the way with these thoughtful designs.