This Example of Wool Packaging Focuses on the Quality of the Product

This example of wool packaging speaks to the movement of artisan branding as a means to positioning a product offering as premium. The brand, Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton, is currently in pre-launch and features a letterpressed swingtag. Cleakheaton is owned by Australian Country Spinners and decided to create a retail brand for the line of superfine merino yarn.

Designed to highlight the artisan quality of the product, the exquisite letterpress swingtag features a carefully thought out mix of fonts in various hues of purple. The dramatic swingtag is a huge step up from the conventional paper or sticker packaging, which carries connotations of lesser quality.

The Australian Superfine Merino brand by Cleckheaton has since expanded into an e-commerce effort and shows the marketing power of wool packaging in this context.