This Tutorial Teaches Users How to Turn a Basic Pen into a Feather Quill

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: bustle
This tutorial demonstrates how to turn a basic pen into a feather quill. With back-to-school season in full swing, DIY tutorials offer a fun way to enhance ordinary school supplies. This particular tutorial provides simple instructions for adding a nostalgic touch to contemporary writing utensils.

In order to turn a basic pen into a feather quill, users will need a large craft feather, acrylic paint, washi tape and craft glue. With the supplies assembled, all that’s required is gluing the craft feather to the pen and then wrapping the stylus in washi tape. Users can decorate the feather with paint, making the designs as elaborate or as simple as desired. The end result is a gorgeous writing utensil that features a nostalgic touch.

The tutorial provides an easy way to take traditional school supplies to the next level.