This Halloween DIY is an Essential Costume Accessory Made Out of Duct Tape

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: mashable
Over the past decade -- with the release of blockbuster Marvel and DC comics movies -- the Halloween DIY superhero costume has increased in popularity. It's not totally uncommon to arrive at a Halloween party with three Captain Americas, two Spidermans and a Thor so it's essential for Halloween DIY superheroes to stand out from the crowd with some superhuman crafting skills.

These DIY superhero boots are made out of ballet flats, panty hose and a thick layer of duct tape. By wrapping the duct tape closely around the shoes and the wearer's calves, the look of the fitted boots worn by so many spandex-clad vigilantes can be perfectly replicated.

Different colors of duct tape can be used to make different patterns, creating a customized costume for any DIY superhero.