From Celebrity Sandwich Art to Sultry Rodent Costumes

 - Nov 28, 2015
These November 2015 humor trends range from celebrity sandwich drawings to sultry rodent costumes that reference the hilarious and viral #pizzarat Vine post. In addition to Halloween costumes that are modeled after trending social media topics, these November 2015 humor trends also include live mean Tweet readings by recognized celebrities who are able to laugh at discouragement from haters rather than taking it personally.

Other notable examples include channel selection parodies -- a recent spoof video poked fun at streaming subscription service Netflix and couples inability to select a film to television show they want to watch -- along with political ads that poke fun at controversial candidates.

The latter centers around presidential hopeful and former reality television star Donald Trump who is zombified while other candidates are also indirectly mocked by major brands like snack manufactuer Cheetos.