The Foodnited States of America Captures Each U.S. State Made from Food

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: foodiggityshop & foodiggity
This creative map of the U.S.A puts together all 50 of the U.S states and depicts them with creative new pun names based off of the foods from which the new states are crafted from. The map is based off an Instagram project focusing on each state individually through the hashtag #foodnitedstates.

Chris Durso, the head of blog Foodiggity, put together the Foodnited States infographic that captures each region depicted through food accompanied with a hilarious play on words new name. Some of the illustrations include the state of California made from a leaf of kale and renamed Kaleifornia after the region's obsession with the vegetable or Rocky Rhode Island named after the popular ice cream flavor.