This Historical Painting Shows Kanye West as an Early American Hero

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: nsvne & fancy
Re-interpreted historical paintings are hugely successful as pop culture memes, with the Mona Lisa's face often being replaced with a politician's and all manner of modern couples subbing in for the husband and wife of American Gothic. This particular example is titled 'In Yeezus We Trust,' and it features Kanye West as an American war hero.

Kanye commands a boat crewed by Big Sean, Travis $cott, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Common, Jay Z, Kim Kardashian, Pusha T, Beyonce and Chief Keef. They are all dressed in early American military costumes, and as is often the way in American historical paintings, they are carrying the star-spangled banner with them.

The painting is available for purchase as a canvas print in very limited edition from N$VNE apparel.