This Artist Created a Spooky Intro to The Simpsons Halloween Show

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: youtube & theawesomer
This year's opening scene for The Simpsons Halloween episode was created by John Kricfalusi. The warped and twisted cartoon introduction provides viewers with a really scary look at ghouls and ghosts.

The scene opens with the three Simpson kids -- Maggie, Lisa and Bart. They appear to be trick-or-treating in a graveyard and they are clearly in an alternate dimension. As the wind blows the souls right out of the kids' friends, a monster starts to chase Maggie, Lisa and Bart. The music bellows a quirky melody about how there are monsters wanting to eat their souls.

This year's opening scene for The Simpsons Halloween show used a dark and ominous portrayal of the festive evening. While The Simpsons show usually carries an eerie aura for Halloween, this year's episode looks particularly spooky. The use of dim colors, and actual death shows the audience that this FOX show is pushing the envelope.