This Snoopy Peanuts x Lacoste Apparel is a Whimsical Collaboration

This Snoopy Peanuts x Lacoste apparel features the adorable cast of the Peanuts comic strip interacting with the alligator from the Lacoste logo.

This isn't a brand parody, but a collaboration between Peanuts and Lacoste. Various versions of the whimsical Snoopy Peanuts apparel feature different characters playing with or teasing the Lacoste alligator. In one, Snoopy stands on top of his signature red hut, the alligator poking out of the door underneath him. In another, Charlie Brown goes fishing to catch the iconic Lacoste logo. Lucy, true to her domineering self, dresses like a circus lion tamer and tries to train the alligator to jump through a hoop.

This is a great way for Lacoste to refresh its brand identity by proving that it can be silly and self-parodying, while Charles M. Schultz' timeless comic strip stays in the public gaze by collaborating with one of the world's top brands.