This DIY Costume is Made Using Sheets of Bright Colored Paper

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: curbly & curbly
For those crafters looking for a DIY costume to make this fall season, this bird outfit made using paper and cardboard makes for a great homemade project. The costume is made entirely out of paper allowing the wearer to customize the design and colors to their preferences.

Dressing up as a bird for Halloween doesn't mean you have to use feathers as this homemade costume by Curbly showcases. Instead this costume is made with wings cut from cardboard that are creatively overlaid with oval pieces of technicolor orange, pink, yellow and purple paper to create a furry effect. Along with the wings a vintage-style masquerade mask is made using cardboard to replicate the eyes and beak. Both accessories can be worn with a matching colored outfit of the wearer's choice.