The Kissing Girls Candle is a Meaningful Piece of Home Decor

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: objectify139 & coolhunting
Maria Candanoza's Kissing Girls Candle is a beautiful art piece as well as a home decor accessory. The sentimental candle features two girls in what look like school uniforms only inches away from locking their lips.

While some might argue that this candle is inappropriate or unnecessary, there is a magnitude of deeper meanings within this one simple candle. The sweet peach-colored candle depicts a wholesome image despite the product's name and could stand for a symbol of defiance of forbidden love, family, friendship or other sweet metaphors. Whatever the consumer conjures up upon buying this piece is up to them, but Candanoza does insist that there is an innocence to it all.

Though some may find the Kissing Girls Candle too artistic and beautiful to light, it possesses an equally mesmerizing way of melting.