These Craft Beer Candles Deliver the Familiar Scent of a Fresh Brew

The 'Craft Beer Candles' from 'Cool Material' allow consumers to enjoy the scent of their favorite beer without the risk of a hangover. For who enjoy the aroma of a freshly poured brew, these candles provide the perfect way to give any space a brewery-inspired scent.

The Craft Beer Candles come in three different varieties, each of which is designed to smell like a different beer. There is a Coffee Stout that boasts a chocolatey coffee scent, as well as a West Coast IPA that has notes of pine and other florals. Finally, the Juice Pale Ale delivers citrusy and malty scents that are on the sweeter side. Each candle is made from soy wax that has been hand-poured in New Jersey. For an added touch, the candles come in minimalist glass jars that resemble beer cans.

With the growing popularity of home brewing, these candles are sure to be a hit among craft beer aficionados.