The Namaste Navy Cushion Brings Relaxation to the Eyes With Lavender Stuffing

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: janeincproducts
Sometimes it can be hard to unwind from a long day or find the stillness to meditate, which is why the Namaste Navy eye pillow is specially designed with an herbal stuffing to bring calmness to the body. The pillow is filled with a mix of dried lavender and flax seeds to help bring a soothing aroma that the body can utilize to destress.

Eye pillows are relaxing additions to a bedtime, meditation or yoga routine as a way to encourage the body to relax. The pillows rest on the eyes providing added weight to keep eyelids closed. The cooling silk material helps to lower heated faces while the lavender and flax provide a soothing scent to relieve emotional states.