Zen Guided Meditation Uses Quotes and Sounds to Help Induce Slumber

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: itunes.apple
Falling asleep can be tricky for many consumers that find their thoughts tend to race, their stresses become more prevalent or insomnia sets in when they hit their head to the pillow, which is why the Zen Guided Meditation is a helpful sleep platform to induce slumber. The app relies on meditative techniques, soothing sounds and inspirational quotes to help calm the mind and relax it to a state of tiredness. The platform is ideal for consumers that struggle to wind down and fall asleep at night.

The Zen Guided Meditation app offers a substitution to watching a show before bed with a series of moving clips that highlight nature, calming activities and scenery. The clips are coupled with meditative instruction and calming music to help the consumer calm the mind and, by extension, the body.