'Breath of Light' is a Meditative Gaming Experience with Hypnotic Sounds

 - Jan 28, 2017
References: itunes.apple & wersm
Unlike the many puzzle games out there that are fast-paced feature heart-pumping constraints and challenges, 'Breath of Light' sets itself apart as a "relaxing puzzler" that's calming, beautiful and meditative.

The puzzle game revolves around water lilies that are followed by bursts of light. Players are challenged to guide these balls of "energy" through the garden, all the while being soothed by a hypnotic soundtrack from Winterpark.

Unlike many meditation apps that call for people to set aside their phones and sit in stillness for a few moments, which can be a challenge, this one still permits a level of activity that most technology users would be comfortable with. Rather than earning points, defeating bosses or leveling up, one "wins" at this game through quieting the mind.