'H*nest Meditation' Provides Meditation for Everyone with "Salty Language"

 - Jan 28, 2017
References: itunes.apple & wersm
All too often, people are scared of the concept of meditation for everyone, thinking that it is a mental practice that should be reserved for monks, gurus or yogis who have reached some higher state of consciousness.

Although there are dozens of meditation apps that are helping people around the world connect to more peaceful states within themselves, 'H*nest Meditation' sets itself apart by claiming to provide "mindfulness for the rest of us." As the app describes, it offers a range of peaceful guided meditations that range from two to 15 minutes in length, "with a pinch of salty language."

Some will undoubtedly be offended by the concept, but the app offers an unintimidating approach to meditation by using terms that are already uttered by most on a daily basis.