'Chrysalis' Teaches Kids about Meditation and Mindfulness

 - Dec 1, 2016
References: kickstarter
Chrysalis is a beautifully illustrated children's storybook designed to teach kids about the benefits of meditation, mantra, and mindfulness -- the three 'M's that help people to achieve enlightenment. Owl & Fox, the UK studio behind the project, have designed the book as an allegory for the seven main energy centers that characterize Buddhist philosophy, presenting those grand concepts in ways that are easier for children to comprehend.

'Chrysalis' is the story of a heroic monkey named Mooki who goes on a journey to stop a tyrant from destroying seven kingdoms. The illustrated book follows Mooki as he journeys to these seven kingdoms, gains knowledge and wisdom from them, and eventually faces his arch nemesis.

The kingdoms in the story are visual metaphors, giving kids a more immersive and narrative way of understanding mindfulness, mantra, and meditation.