This Shirt Has Icons That Allow Its Wearer to Navigate in New Countries

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: kickstarter
These travel shirts could become a crucial item to bring along on trips – particularly ones that include backpacking in areas that are not central.

Language barriers are a common concern for those traveling abroad. The 'TRVLshirt' aims to resolve this problem by offering a clothing item, a backpack and a tote bag that feature a multitude of icons that reference various objects or activities. The icons are simple and come in the form of images like a person sleeping on a bed, a phone, a plane and dozens more. The travel shirts and bags ensure that travelers will have a simple, visual way to communicate in situations where their knowledge of the regional language is limited or nonexistent.

These functional clothing items are a simple yet innovative way to ensure the safety and convenience of individuals' travels around the world.