Kellogg's Recently Opened a Cafe That Serves Gourmet Cereal Bowls

Kellogg's is trying to change the way consumers think about cereal by opening a high-end cafe that serves up gourmet cereal. With classic Kellogg's brands and chef-driven ingredients, the upscale cereal bar puts a delicious twist on a classic breakfast dish.

The experimental cereal bar has been dubbed the 'Kellogg's NYC Cafe' and it will be a permanent fixture in the Times Square area. The shop will serve classic Kellogg's cereal such as Special K, Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes, but with a gourmet twist. Instead of simply adding milk, customers will be able to enjoy chef-curated toppings such as green tea powder, toasted peanuts and even ground coffee. The cafe will also allow consumers to build their own gourmet cereal bowl by choosing from the extensive selection of toppings.

With a growing number of consumers looking for more creative breakfast options, the new Kellogg's NYC Cafe puts an innovative twist on a long-time pantry staple.